Hushly is an anonymous B2B buyer & vendor engagement platform.
Buyers quickly build vendor short-lists hassle free. Collaborate with colleagues and vendors. Shorten buying process. Sellers experience higher quality engagement with buyers earlier on in their buying journey
Market2Lead delivers on-demand marketing automation solutions. Market2Lead's technology helps companies improve demand generation to increase sales and marketing effectiveness.
Intellectual Property Assets acquired by Oracle Corporation.
LeadTip is a crowd sourced lead generation company turning lead generation on its head; instead of companies and sales people looking for buyers they are alerted of ready buyers by Lead Scouts in the crowd from company websites and in the case of sales folks on their LinkedIn profile pages.
Guessn is a wisdom and crowd-based social media company leveraging crowds wisdom to measure and track outcomes. Guessers can easily make bold, serious, silly, or provocative predictions in many different categories, while voicing a unique opinion.
Hushleads is an Anonymous Sales Leads Marketplace. We set you up with an anonymous email address empowering you to earn a reward for sharing information of a buyer you know ("sales lead") to interested sales people anonymously and securely.